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Celebrating 35 Years of Business

We are driven by the modernization requirements of livestock farmers


The developed provision of livestock watering systems for every need”




MIRACO are the founding developers of a revolutionary patented livestock watering system. After many years of research, MIRACO perfected an energy-free livestock watering system where they were the pioneers in manufacturing automatic livestock waterers from polyethylene materials.


The patented, unique ball system, used in their energy-free livestock waterers are both insulated from freezing in the severe cold temperatures of winter (up to – 40 C) and have the added benefit of a cooling affect for the water in the warmer summer months.


Farm management cost efficiencies are paramount in modern day livestock farming operations. The MIRACO energy-free livestock watering system has dramatically reduced costs associated with traditional watering systems.


The Facts



Heavy Duty, Rugged, Livestock Safe, Durable, Low Maintenance, Long Life, Reduced Algae, Water Efficient, Energy Free



Livestock are guaranteed a year round supply of cool, fresh, clean and efficient water supply. An essential component in achieving optimum livestock management growth rates.



MIRACO has established a major market presence internationally.

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